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Miquelle Ringler

Co-Founder & Yoga Therapist

Tatiana Miller

Co-Founder & Yoga Therapist


We are yoga therapists with over a decade of combined experience working with groups and individuals who experience chronic pain, anxiety, stress and trauma. We seek to compliment the efforts of modern healthcare and ancillary wellness modalities.


Our vision is to be the bridge the gap between Eastern and Western healing modalities by fostering healing of the whole person. We hope to empower clients to be proactive in nurturing and caring for their mind, body and spirit in order to achieve optimal health.

Feeling good in our bodies and happy in our minds seems like an impossible goal for many people. However, it is possible, and RX 4 Life is here to share with you the tools to ease the struggles that come with stress, anxiety, chronic pain and trauma.


We are dedicated to providing yoga therapy and wellness services to the community with a special focus on the underserved and at-risk populations. Children, teenagers, veterans, first responders, and more.


Whether it be anxiety, depression, trauma, rehabilitation, or a desire to delve deeper into health we seek to empower the community to take a more active role in their self-care by overcoming challenges and gaining independence.


Yoga therapy is the practice of applying therapeutic modalities to address mental, emotional and physical symptoms and illnesses.


Therapeutic modalities implemented are Science of Yoga, Ayurveda, Kinesiology, Counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These modalities provide a non-invasive approach that compliments Western medicine.


• A patient-centered practice

• Complimentary to current health care

• Bio-Mechanical

• Psycho-Emotional

• Spiritual Care


Our goal is to compliment the Western educational system and healthcare model by integrating the ageless wisdom of caring for the whole person. By implementing the practices of mindfulness, self-awareness, and stress management, we empower individuals to focus on care for the whole person by being proactive with mind, body, and spirit in a means to manage illness and facilitate healing.